It’s All About You. (And Your Piano).

Our general business philosophy is quite simple: We set out to ensure you receive the most enjoyment from your piano. Whether you have a $200 piano or a $200,000 piano, our approach is the same and geared towards your needs and expectations.

All too often we hear stories from our customers of “the last guy we had out”.  Well, there is a reason he’s now the “last guy”!

What we have come to learn over the years is that our clients want our services and products to match their needs—not ours.

We realize that every client—and piano—is different, and we approach each interaction with our clients as a unique opportunity to hone our talents to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

Much of what we do and how we operate gives the impression that we are a large company with dozens of employees and technicians working in the shop and running all over town servicing and tuning pianos. The truth is that we are a family-owned and operated piano service company.

We are equipped to handle your piano tuning, service, and maintenance needs. We can perform major and minor repairs or complete piano restoration.

We also have expert piano movers and climate controlled piano storage. We are pleased to offer our clients a complete line of professional piano services.

Whether you are in need of a a simple repair or a full piano restoration, we can help you.

Why We Are in the Piano Business

We are passionate about pianos and the services we provide.

There are no gimmicks, no slick fast-talk, or other non-sense here. Just our Passion for Pianos.

We also believe in true workmanship and quality. We don’t like shortcuts in our work just to meet a deadline or finish up a project. Every job that we complete whether basic repairs and touch-ups, to full piano restorations—is a testament to that.

More About Ryan

Ryan Reed

Ryan Reed

Ryan has been playing piano since the age of 5. Shortly after learning the piano, he studied violin and cello for several years. During his youth, he performed in several youth orchestras, as well as in string quartets and ensembles and city orchestras.

In college, Ryan majored in science “Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to be exact”, all the while continuing to play, as well as tuning and servicing pianos on a part-time basis.

Among other areas, Ryan has extensive background and experience in piano action work—regulation, redesign, optimization. In addition, Ryan has vast experience with piano refinishing.

More About Jessica

Jessica Reed

Jessica Reed

Jessica also has a musical background with woodwind instruments, piano, as well as voice.
Jessica’s formal education and background is in teaching.

Jessica is an expert piano tuner and technician. She is able to quickly identify and correct common (and not so common) issues with a piano during the course of a piano tuning visit.

Jessica is very well versed in applying completely new finishes to pianos, as well as applying finish touch-ups.