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Hailun Piano Dealer

By October 1, 2017Pianos

Hailun Piano Dealer

Purchasing a new piano is a challenging process for consumers. You start out with a particular piano in mind, start looking, and soon you have looked at dozens of pianos and different brand names. They all begin to look the same. Prices don’t make sense, either. We hope to be able to help clear up the confusion.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Hailun Pianos. Hailun is an innovative, cutting-edge piano maker with numerous awards and distinctions to date. To us, it is a very clear choice for any piano buyer to consider. In fact, for many it could be the only piano to consider.

Reed Pianos – Hailun Piano Dealer

We are excited to become a Hailun Pianos dealer serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, and surrounding areas.

Our first shipment of Hailun Pianos is due in October. We are expecting two grand pianos and two upright pianos. We look forward to working with new piano sales in addition to our ongoing work with selling used pianos over the years. We will also be the only shop (and piano dealer) offering new pianos for sale in Mansfield, Texas.

We will also serve the Fort Worth, Arlington, South Dallas, and surrounding areas.

We will complement two other Hailun Piano Dealers located in North Dallas and Waco.

Hailun Piano Models

Our initial piano shipment from Hailun will include the HG-161 Grand Piano, the HG-178 Grand Piano, the HU-5P Upright Piano, and the HU-1P Upright Piano.

We are receiving four models of new Hailun pianos on our initial shipment. There are various other models available, and we expect to expand our selection over time. Also, we can special order any Hailun piano should the need arise.

Hailun HU5-P Upright Piano
Hailun Grand Piano

Hailun Pianos – Features & Benefits

Hailun Pianos include multiple innovative features. We reviewed them with Bas Strmec while in our shop recently.

We were fortunate to recently have Bas Strmec, the CEO and President of Hailun Pianos, visit our store. It was a real blast talking with him about the many incredible features offered on Hailun pianos:

Bas also discussed with us the unsurpassed warranty on a Hailun Piano. The warranty is a full 15 years, and it is transferable to a new owner. No other new piano includes this type of warranty.

We also learned that the majority of Hailun Piano Dealers are smaller shops (like ours) as opposed to the large overgrown piano stores. This makes perfect sense as it fits in with Hailun’s overall business philosophy of quality instruments, value, integrity, and stellar service.

Hailun Pianos – Check Out The Model Specific Pages

Each Hailun piano model has its own page. Visit the models to learn more.

We can’t wait to receive our first Hailun Pianos. And, moreover, we can’t wait to start showing them to our clients, both current and new. All the Hailun Pianos are showcased on the following pages.

Visit grand piano selection.

Visit upright piano selection.