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The New QRS PNOMation III

By April 25, 2017Player Pianos

QRS PNOMation3QRS is revolutionizing the player-piano industry with the introduction of its latest player technology, PNOMation3. PNOMation3 is the most advanced player-piano system available on the market today. Keep reading and you will see why new and current customers are installing and upgrading to the latest in player technology.

Better Aesthetics

PNOMation3 is an invisible player. With PNOMation3, there is only a small Pin Light Port Extender which can be mounted out of sight for no visible front end controller or under the piano keyboard where you have the choice of turning on or off any lights. Enjoy the benefits of a player without altering the appearance of your piano.

QRS PNOMation3

QRS PNOMation3 – No boxes or controllers hang off your piano.

Better User Experience

PNOMation3 Web AppPNOMation3 offers the industry’s best user experience. PNOMation3 not only functions as a stand-alone player system, but also as a node on your home network. With PNOMation3’s web-enabled user interface, the possibilities are endless: create playlists and control your player piano with an iTouch, iPod, iPhone, or any web-enabled phone; or use a PC or Mac on your home network.

PNOMation3 is also designed to support QRS’s new single-song purchase capability. Now there is no need to deal with the hassle of CDs or with the inconvenience of having to buy an entire album to get the one song you really want. Let PNOMation3’s player radio feature play songs from the industry’s largest library of music software so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy

Alexa Support

QRS PNOMation3 integrates with Alexa.

QRS PNOMation3 suppots Apple Watch

QRS PNOMation3 suppots Apple Watch

Better Performance

PNOMation3 features enhanced playback abilities with superior execution of dynamics. The softest pianissimos and loudest fortissimo offer extremes of expression and produce more convincing musical performances. PNOMation3 also dramatically improves the control over the sustain pedal solenoid which allows for quieter sustain pedal operation and more accurate performance.

PNOMation Engine

Better Design

QRS NAMM AwardPNOMation3 incorporates PNOscan, the player industry’s leading MIDI recording tool. Also included are tools for the user to refine the performance of the system.

With PNOscan, you can record your practice sessions or transmit every key stroke to your MIDI or notation software. Recordings can automatically be saved to the PNOcloud.

With the integrated Bluetooth, performances can be captured by your Mac or PC without cables or wires. This allows you to use MIDI or music notation software without the hassle.

Better Now, Better Later

PNOMation3 is a simple and easy upgrade. It has been designed from the ground up to integrate with your existing system while offering the latest, cutting-edge technology. PNOMation3 is also prepared for the future, as it is high-bandwidth ready for next generation MIDI standards.

If you would like to upgrade your current system, or install a new system, please visit our PNOMation3 page and contact us.