Most Asked Questions.

How booked up are you? How long will it take to get an actual appointment?

Because of the quality of our work, we are usually booked up 2 weeks in advance. If you have an urgent need, you can call us at (682) 222-1092. We’ll do our best to help.

Once you're here, hold long will the tuning appointent last?

We pride ourselves on efficiency. There are a number of factors the determine how long our tuning will take. But, most often, we are finished within 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

So what is your real job?

This is our real job! Yes, many piano owners have become accustomed to “some guy” from the church tuning their piano for them on Saturday afternoons while working a full-time career/job during the week. With us, we do nothing but piano work. Period.Further, we have invested our time in keeping current and knowledgeable with current trends, techniques, and methods of piano tuning and repair. We also have spent a modicum of our business capital on equipment and tools that allow us to effectively and correctly perform the work you expect.

What do you charge for a piano tuning?

First things, first. We are not the cheapest—we are the best. If you are looking for price, we’re sorry, but we’re not for you. If you are looking for expert service coupled with our ability to fix anything (even the last guy’s work), and true artisan workmanship, then let’s talk! And, don’t forget that we guarantee our piano tunings.

Why can I not find your company on Thumbtack anymore?

Thumbtack is a huge mess. We no longer participate in the bidding process on Thumbtack. Our experience with Thumbtack has not been productive or positive. We have found that most Thumbtack users have simply “stumbled upon” the Thumbtack website and decided to “give it a shot”. The majority of leads provided to us from Thumbtack have resulted in dead-ends, and most of them never even respond to our initial email/quote. In order to better serve our existing and new clients and to offer our best quality and service to everyone, we no longer do any bidding through Thumbtack.

I would like to schedule piano tuning and service. There is another guy who can do this for me for `{`some price here`}`. Why is your pricing higher for piano tuning and service?

Quite frankly, we are probably not the cheapest piano service company (nor are we the most expensive). However, we are excellent at what we do, and set our pricing accordingly. If you are being quoted a price from another tuner or technician that is significantly lower, you are probably dealing with a “part time” piano tuner or someone who does this type of work from time to time when they need some extra income. You might also be dealing with someone who is not as proficient at what they do—or both. We could tell countless stories of the times we have been called out to fix what “the other guy did”. Nevertheless, our guarantees and ability to stand behind our work (where some others do not) makes us stand out.

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