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Today Hailun pianos are recognized among the finest sounding, best engineered, and best crafted instruments from the Far East.

A Brief History…

Piano Parts Manufacturing Origin

The Hailun Company was originally the Ningbo Piano Parts Factory. What began as a company that produced the most sought after, highest quality parts for pianos all over the world, has evolved into an award winning piano manufacturer.

Japanese Technology

Hailun employs the newest and most advanced technology available to the piano industry to produce their exceptional musical instruments. With more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has become the standard for Chinese piano making.

Hailun’s 430,000 square foot factory now employs over 800 workers. Hailun has invested heavily in Japanese digital equipment and production

Four-Generation Viennese Tradition

Hailun also joined with Peter Veletzky, a prominent fourth generation Viennese craftsman.

Hailun’s precise production methods and the exceptional skills and long family tradition of Mr. Veletzky, established a philosophy and practice of producing pianos that are second to none.

More Japanese and European Specialties

This uncompromising insistence to achieve maximum quality and product excellence has made Hailun the piano choice of thousands all over the world. Since the partnership with Mr. Veletzky, Hailun has retained the talents of well-known American piano designer/engineer George F. Emerson, Viennese piano tuning and voicing specialist Zlatkovic Sibin, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and French scale designer Stephen Paulello. These partnerships ensure long-term quality, innovation, and artistic production at Hailun Piano.

The vision displayed by the Hailun Company has merged high-tech numerically controlled production with the artistic and revolutionary assembly processes of the world renowned European and American piano tradition. With an astonishing 80% of Hailun production being exported to the United States, Europe and Japan, Hailun Pianos have received international praise and acclaim.

International Recognition

China Central Television (CCTV) reported that Hailun Pianos have entered into the mainstream piano market with a quality
instrument that meets European standards. Prestigious European owners such as the University of Music Austria; University of Music,
Brussles; Conservatoires, Paris; Chamber Henry Wood Hall, London; Wienen Music Seminar, Vienna; and Music Verein, Vienna are experiencing the quality and performance of Hailun.

With more than 260 piano dealers in Europe, more than 40 dealers in Japan and a growing dealer network in the United States, the Hailun Company is a global influence in piano manufacturing.

Performance at the Viennese Golden Concert Hall

The European Chinese Association held a peace celebration: Hailun Company was once again chosen and featured in a performance at the Golden Concert Hall in Vienna. The event was made more significant because it was the first time a Chinese-made piano was featured in the Viennese Golden Concert Hall.

China’s Top Brand Award

The Hailun piano receives the prestigious “China’s Top Brand Name” award. This award, presented only once every three years, has only been awared to three other manufacturers of China’s 200 piano producing companies. This marks the first time that a privately held non-government company has been awarded this very distinguished honor.

Hailun Logo

Hailun USA

Hailun USA is the exclusive authorized distributor for North America for the Ningbo Hailun Musical Instrument Company Ltd. It imports quality pianos and sells them through its dealer network. Hailun USA has the mission to provide quality, value priced instruments and services to its merchant family. Its motto, “Quality—Service—Integrity” is demonstrated in the relationship of support and trust it has developed with its merchants.

Hailun USA is quickly becoming the dominant player and a recognized name in the piano industry.

Prestigious Awards Received

Hailun Awards

Hailun Awards

Haulin Pianos have received multiple awards in multiple years, including the Dealer’s Choice Award for Acoustic Piano Line of the Year for Models HP-178 (Grand Piano), and the HU-5P (Upright/Vertical Piano).

Available Pianos

Hailun manufactures both Upright and Grand Pianos in an array of sizes and finishes.

Upright Pianos

There are five sizes of Upright Piano available ranging from 45″ to 52″ in height. All are available in Ebony polish, and some are available in mahogany and walnut finishes. The HU1-EP is available with Ebony polish finish with mahogany legs and cheek blocks. The HU1-P and the HU5-P is available in Ebony polish with nickel trim.

View Hailun Upright Pianos

Grand Pianos

There are five sizes of Grand Piano available ranging from 4’11” to 7’2″ in size. Ebony polish, mahogany, and walnut finishes are available. On some models, curved legs or Georgian legs are options. And, the 5’10” model is available in Ebony polish with birds-eye maple accents.

All Grands feature German Abel Hammers, HLPS Lid Safety System, Meniscus Soundboard, XS Tuning Pins, Performance Plus Piano Action, and Austrian and American Scale Designs.

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