Piano Tuning

Unlike some “strict” piano tuners, we do more than just tune your piano and rush off to the next appointment. All piano tunings include complimentary low complexity adjustments and repairs. In other words, the “small stuff” is always included to keep your piano up and running.

Also, we stand behind the stability of our piano tunings with a 90-day guarantee.

Standard Tuning

$ 115


Standard tunings assume your piano has been tuned and maintained within the last couple years. If it has been more than 2 years (which is sometimes a conservative time frame–it could be shorter) since your last piano tuning, a pitch raise will likely be required (see next line). See more details about tunings here.

Pitch Raise Tuning

$ 160


Tunings for pianos that have not been tuned within last 2 years. A tuning with pitch raise essentially is two tunings in one visit. The first, is a rough tuning to get the pitch up to concert A440 quickly—referred to as pitch raise. The second is a fine tuning to polish off the pitch. See more details about tunings here.

Extended Pitch Raise

$ 199


Tunings for pianos that have not been tuned in a very long time. A tuning with extended pitch raise essentially the same as a pitch raise (see above), but it accounts for the additional time needed to work with a piano that has not been tuned in many years or that has been neglected. See more details about tunings here.

Hammer Voicing

Hammer voicing is the solution to changing the tone of the piano. For instance, a piano with a bright or tinny tone can be made to sound softer and more mellow using voicing techniques.

We are proponents of non-invasive voicing techniques as a first-line solution to tone concerns. More invasive techniques are also available should the need arise.

Steam Voicing

$ 125

.Non-invasive voicing technique that avoids needles and uses heat and steam to soften and rejuvenate hammer felts.

Needle Voicing

$ 250

.Voicing of hammers using traditional needles to soften felts. Needling can offer more targeted solutions to very specific tone concerns. Includes basic reshaping of hammers to ensure proper striking points.

Piano Regulation

Piano regulation can be either partial or full. Pricing represents typical arrangements only, and may vary due to a variety of factors (e.g. what specifically needs regulated/adjusted, how far out of adjustment, etc.).

Partial Regulation

$ 225

.Includes regulation of 1 to 2 components needed to improve action playability and performance. Pricing is based on 3 hours of time needed, and may be adjusted up or down as needed.

Full Regulation

$ 600

.Includes complete regulation to improve action playability. Pricing is based on a full day dedicated to your piano, and may be adjusted up or down as needed.

Piano Key Tops

Piano key top replacement.

Piano Key Tops

$ 499

.Includes complete replacement of all white key tops.

Sharp Replacement

$ 275

.Includes complete replacement of black sharp keys.