Complete Piano Appraisals and Evaluations.

Pianos may need to be appraised or evaluated for a variety of reasons. It could be due to estate/probate situations, divorce, prior to you selling or buying, or as a precursor to undertaking major work or repairs.

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Appraisals vs. Evaluations

Appraisals and Evaluations are two very different things. An appraisal sets out to place a monetary value on your piano. This is useful for sales transactions, insurance coverage, or estate planning.

Evaluations, on the other hand, focus on the condition of the piano. All major systems (strings, action/mechanicals, soundboard, cabinet, etc.) are examined and tested. The evaluation results in a list of good and bad, and what might be done to restore or repair the instrument.

Sample Report

There are a few variations to the hard copies of our Appraisals and Evaluations depending on your needs. A sample general report which includes valuation is included below. Click on the images to view the specific pages.

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