Considering piano restoration?

Tired of the other “flashy” piano restoration companies that cater solely to extremely high-end pianos? Look no further! We are all about the restoration and the preservation of these historic and unique instruments. Period.

Looking for an different approach to piano restoration?

You have found the piano restoration company that is 100% about:

  • Preservation of your treasured vintage piano and introducing your sentimentality to a new generation
  • Helping you maintain your piano’s optimum performance—whether it is older or newer
Fully restored Story and Clark Baby Grand cicra 1920.

Restoration of Historic and Unique Instruments

Other piano restoration companies can be difficult if not impossible to deal with due to their desire to work exclusively with certain piano makes and models when it comes to vintage or antique instruments. That is simply not the case with us.

When it comes to antique pianos and vintage makes and models, we are all about the restoration and the preservation of these historic and unique instruments. Period.

Your piano does not have to be a Steinway or Mason and Hamlin or other high-end make. In our minds, if you find your piano valuable enough to be reading this, we believe that your piano is worthy of our time—and our best work! Regardless of which company made it.

So, if you have a treasured family heirloom piano, please keep reading!

Really Great Reasons to Restore Your Piano

Maybe you have somehow ended up with “Grandma’s Piano….”

Maybe the piano you have holds a high sentimental value for you and your family……

Maybe you remember taking lessons on it as a child, or gathering around the piano for Christmas carols…….

Perhaps you would like for your treasured family piano to provide enjoyment to your future generations…….

Even if your piano is not “vintage” or considered an antique, there are multiple major functional areas of your piano that will require attention over time. See our sections on Piano Restringing and Piano Hammers and Action Rebuilding.

All too often our clients are told that their older piano is “worthless” or that it “should be hauled to the dump.” Absolutely not true!! Many older pianos from the early 1900’s (and even the 1800’s) are very solid in terms workmanship and quality. The old saying “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” really rings true. Many older pianos are worth restoring, repairing, refinishing, and/or rebuilding to bring back their original luster and beauty—both in terms of appearance AND sound.

If you value the quality, craftsmanship, sentimentality, and beauty of older pianos, stay with us—piano restoration is for you!

The truth is that your piano can be restored!

Just One Vintage Piano Restoration Example

1921 Story & Clark Baby Grand After Restoration – Front Close-up.

1921 Story & Clark Baby Grand After Restoration – Front Close-up.

Would you believe that the baby grand piano pictured at left is nearly 100 years old? Well, it is. The photos below show this piano at the conclusion of a full piano restoration in our shop. Notice the beautiful wood grain pattern that was there all along!

In addition to the visible areas, the piano’s functional areas have been restored and rebuilt as appropriate. This particular piano restoration project included new hammers and related action parts, complete restringing, repair of original ivory key tops, and much more!

Is it really worth it?

We would love to hear from you about your interest in restoration. Please contact us.