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Piano Consignment

Let us help you sell your piano!

Our Piano Consignment Service can help you sell your piano and be a true lifesaver when you are faced with an unexpected move or other unforeseen life change that requires you to sell your piano.

How Our Consignment Service Works

We offer to conduct a complete evaluation of your piano, to move your piano to our gallery, to list your piano on our website at an agreed-upon Sale Price, to tune it periodically while in our gallery, and to complete all the arrangements for the sale and delivery of your piano to the buyer.

Piano For SaleOur charge for these services, payable at pick-up when we co-sign a “Consignment Sale Agreement,” is $300.00 plus the cost of any other services that you authorize.  The buyer is typically responsible for the cost of delivery upon sale of your piano.

After selling your piano, we will reimburse you a “payout” calculated as the Sale Price less a 35% commission. Feel free to do your own advertising and to tell your friends, but note that while the piano is in our show room and/or subject to our “Consignment Sale Agreement,” we will act as your agent for the sale and will expect to receive a commission.

Piano Consignment Program Details

Browse the tabs below to learn about the consignment program process and how we can help you sell your piano.

Unfortunately, not all pianos will be accepted for consignment. Your piano will need to be in at least fair working order to be consigned. In addition, pianos with obvious and/or extensive cosmetic issues do not make good consignment candidates.

Contact Us

Use our contact form or call us direct at (682) 222-1092. Be sure to have pertinent information about your piano available, if possible. Maker, approximate age, type (grand or upright), as well as size and model are basic examples of the information we will need. Having a few pictures of your piano available that you can email or text to us is very helpful as well.

Getting Started

We typically discuss all the details of the program, as well as answer your questions via telephone or email (depends on how you originally contacted us). In most cases, time is of the essence—usually a life event such as a sudden relocation, job transfer, etc. has necessitated the sale of the piano. We often receive requests for consignment that must be acted upon in a matter of days, e.g. today is Tuesday and piano has to be out by Friday!

Not to worry…we can work with you via phone to get the ball rolling. Because of timing constraints, most often pianos are scheduled to be transported to our shop without us having seen them (or only having seen them in photos). Upon arrival at our shop, we conduct a complete evaluation of the piano, and get back with you with our findings. We can then discuss possible sales prices.

Alternatively, if time permits, we will schedule a convenient time to meet with you and your piano in your home. During this time we will conduct a complete evaluation of your piano. We will assist you with determining your asking price.

Determing Sales Price

Setting a sales price or your “asking price” is the next step in the process. It can be the most challenging due to the ever-changing piano sales market for used pianos. But, we are able to provide you with the information and recommendations necessary to help you make a decision.

Every piano is different, and every piano will have a different price point. There are various resources available to both professionals and piano owners that can help determine a starting point for a sales price. Our approach combines these resources with our years of experience to provide you with realistic and appropriate recommendations on piano pricing.

Oftentimes, we must do some legwork and research to determine a price point for your piano.

Once your asking price is set, we determine a price “range.” Offers from potential buyers within your “range” will be accepted. We will contact you with any offers below your range. For example, you may ultimately want $7,500 for your piano. You would accept as low as $6,000. Your “range” would be $6,000 – $7,500.

If a potential buyer offers $6,500, we will accept the offer and finalize the sale. If a buyer offers $5,500, we would contact you so that you may consider the offer, and reject or accept it.


Everyone wonders…how do we market and sell pianos? Well, we market your piano using a variety of methods. Those methods depend on the specific piano we are selling. All pianos are listed for sale on our website, as well as on the websites of some of our partners. In addition, we may utilize other methods (both local and nationwide) such as Google and Yahoo advertising, craigslist, print media, and word of mouth.

Also, the majority of the pianos we sell are to “friends of friends”, so to speak. We have a vast piano tuning and service client base, and there is always someone looking to upgrade their current piano, or to purchase a piano. We are continually using our daily face-to-face contacts with our clients to market pianos.

While It's For Sale

Throughout the “for sale” process, we keep your piano clean and presentable as well as tuned as often as needed to ensure the best possible presentation to potential buyers.

Once It's Sold

Once sold, we would finalize the sale, collect the buyer’s payment, and arrange for delivery to the buyer.

We send you a certified check for the amount of the final sales price less our standard commission.

If you are looking to sell your piano, and need assistance, give us a call today or contact us—We can help!

What The Consignment Program Is Not (The Fine Print)

The Fine PrintThere are some limitations and “fine print” when it comes to consigning a piano. These considerations apply across the board whether you sell with us or elsewhere. But, we prefer to be upfront.

We cannot in any way guarantee a final selling price on any piano. The whole world may agree that a given piano is “worth” a certain dollar amount, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to this: What is someone willing to pay for a given piano at a given time? Oftentimes, the final selling price is less that the initial starting price.

This program is not a “sell-it-overnight” program. Pianos will most definitely take some time to sell. How long depends on a variety of factors. There is no way to determine how long it might take to sell a piano. We have seen both extremes. We have had pianos sell in less than one day, and we have had them take several months and into a year or so to sell.

This program is not a way to get you back what you paid. Unfortunately, pianos can be likened to cars in that once you drive it off the lot, it is considered “not new.” A piano may cost $20,000 brand new, but only really be “sell-able” for a fraction of that amount as a “not new” piano—no matter how well maintained and cared for it has been. Every piano is different, and some brands hold value much better than others, but generally speaking, there will be a considerable amount of depreciation involved.

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