Piano Rental Made Simple.

We are pleased to offer quality new and used pianos available for rental—both short and long term.

Why Piano Rental?

You might wonder, “Why rent a piano?”

Renting a piano is not for everyone, but there are a variety of situations that are better suited to renting a piano versus purchasing.

  • Children Beginning Piano Lessons — Your child is starting piano lessons and you need a quality piano.
  • You’re in the DFW Area Temporarily — Maybe you and your family are here in the local area on a short-term basis and need an instrument.
  • You are Returning to Piano after Not Playing for Years — Not sure if you will pick it back up for good? You can give it a shot without investing a large amount of cash to purchase a piano.
  • Piano Students and Teachers — Maybe you need a “practice piano” to prepare yourself for an upcoming event and you want to avoid having to travel to a university or music center practice room.

Whatever your reason for considering piano rental, we can help.

Rental Terms Available

Piano rental terms are 6 months.

About Our Pianos

  • Ready Right Away – Probably the best feature of our pianos is that they are ready to play. You will be able to use your rental piano immediately after delivery. We deliver it tuned and ready to go.
  • Right from the Start – We take great pride in the preparation of all our rental pianos. Your piano will play as intended and expected. Say goodbye to frustrating problems such as sticking keys, double striking notes, clicks, squeaks, and rattles. Your rental piano will function just right—perfect for a student or child new to the piano.
  • You’re Not stuck With It – Since you are renting the piano, you are not “trapped” or “stuck”. You can see if having a piano suits you, your family, and your home before you choose to buy one.

How Piano Rental Works

Piano rental term length is 6 months. Piano rental cost per month varies based on factors such as the type of piano (grand or upright) and whether the piano is new or used at the time of rental. Used pianos that we offer for rental are offered in like-new condition.

When you rent a piano, you will be applying for credit with Allegro Credit. Allegro manages the rental program and collects the monthly rental payments from you. Once you are approved with Allegro, we schedule a delivery date and collect your first monthly payment plus delivery charges.

Allegro will notify you near the end of your 6 month term. You will be given the option to return the piano to us or to keep the piano. If you choose to keep the piano, your rental agreement will convert to a purchase/finance agreement and your monthly payments will continue. You will receive full credit for your rental payments towards your piano purchase.

What is the Cost to Rent

Cost varies by piano, but generally for our Hailun HU-1P, the monthly rate could be as low as $125/month. This assumes that you qualify for the piano rental program.

See if you qualify with Allegro. Your information is kept strictly confidential.

Available Rental Pianos

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