Piano Keys are Your Piano's SmileWe like to think of the keys on a piano as its smile—that’s right, its smile!

A piano with great looking keys looks its best and catches everyone’s eyes. In addition, piano keys that are in good condition, properly spaced, leveled, and squared are a joy to play. If you have ever played a piano with damaged, chipped, or broken keys, you can understand the challenges this poses.

Are the key tops or ivories on your piano missing, broken, chipped, and/or damaged? Maybe the piano keys are uneven, not level? Do they wiggle from side-to-side? Do they rock back and forth? Do some keys press down more or less than others do?

Piano Key top Replacement adds new life to an older piano—or on any piano that has worn or broken key tops.

Piano Keys Before & After

Piano Keys Before & After

The photo at left shows worn, damaged, and broken key tops (bottom) in contrast to their replacements.

Piano Key top Replacement is easier that you might think!

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Once you determine that Piano Key top Replacement is right for you, we will remove the keys from your piano and take them to our rebuilding and restoration shop. Once there, we begin the process by removing the old key tops and fronts. Followed by careful measurements of the old key top material and the new key top material. In order to ensure the total height of the key lever is maintained after key top replacement, the top of the wooden key lever is milled.

Next, the new key tops and fronts are carefully attached using our proprietary process. Lastly, your piano key tops are professionally shaped on the sides and notched around the sharps.