We can turn virtually any piano into a player piano.

We can transform just about any piano into a state of the art player piano entertainment system using the best available electronics and player piano components from QRS Music.

QRS PNOmation III Player Piano Systems

Why PNOmation3 for my Player Piano?

Today’s player piano entertainment systems are based on solenoids and plungers that are computer-activated to move the keys.

The design and construction of the solenoids and plungers is a key differentiator between brands and an important consideration when choosing your entertainment system.

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What Does the QRS PNOmation3 Player Piano Do?

The more appropriate question is what can it not do. The QRS PNOmation3 Player Piano System complements your piano by offering you the ability to have real piano music whenever you choose to have it. Beautiful piano solos from a variety of musical genres can enhance your dinner parties, family gatherings, or even just your time relaxing at home.

In addition to piano solo music, QRS PNOMation3 can play SyncAlong music. SyncAlong music takes music from your favorite contemporary artists and plays the piano part of the music through your piano while any vocals and background music (rhythms, guitars, big bands, etc.) play through the speaker mounted out of sight underneath your piano. The result is a fantastic experience that you must see—and hear—to believe.

Older Player Piano

Replacing an Old-Style Roll Piano Player

Old-style roll player pianos are fantastic novelties—if they actually work as intended. These old-style players were very prominent and popular in the early 1900’s. One the inherent problems with these older player pianos is that without proper care and maintenance on a regular basis, they are doomed to failure.

These old player pianos are made of “old school” mechanical components—wood, cloth, glue, etc.—and they rely on an air pressure differential to work properly. When cloth wears and the wood shrinks or expands, the function of the whole system suffers. Occasionally, when we run into these old player pianos, a series of adjustments and small repairs can bring them back. But, more often we find that the whole system is in need of complete rebuilding.

The expense of completely rebuilding an old player piano compared to the cost of installing a brand new, state of the art QRS Player Piano System is very comparable. And, with the added functionality of the QRS Player Piano System, replacing your old roll player piano system makes perfect sense.

Player Piano System Addons by QRS

PNOScan™ – By adding PNOScan™ to your new or existing QRS Piano Player System, you gain the ability to record and playback on your own piano!

Quiet Keys – By adding Quiet Keys you can play to your heart’s content late at night, in your condo or apartment, or anytime you choose without disturbing anyone.

PNOscan for QRS PNOMation II Player Piano Systems


This functionality is perfect for aspiring students and performers or anyone wishing to listen to their own music—whether for critiquing or for enjoyment. In addition, accomplished pianists can record their work for later playback—don’t be stuck at the piano while entertaining your guests!

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QRS PNOMation3 Pricing

Per QRS Music, you must contact us for pricing. We are not permitted to advertise our sales price. However, we can state that our sales price, including installation, is the minimum price allowed by QRS.

Our installation includes the following “extras” that are not common with other QRS Installers:

  • Regulation of your piano to ensure the QRS System performs at its best
  • We fully test and re-test the system after our installation to ensure everything is working properly
  • When your installation is completed, we help you setup your wi-fi devices (ipads, iphones, etc) to work with the QRS PNOMation3
  • We also show you how to use it
  • And, we remain available to you after installation and delivery

Interested in a lower price for the QRS PNOMation3 system? We wish you the best. However, here is what QRS has informed us about the price of their systems to the general public by installers and dealers:

“We at QRS need to stick to our pricing policy around the US so that our supporting dealers and key dealers have a chance to sell, service and install our player systems and also make a profit. We have had a long standing policy that if any dealer, technician sells for less than $xxxx or advertises for less than $xxxx, we would not continue to do business with them.”

What this means is that if you are haggling around town trying to low-ball every piano dealer and QRS Technician and Installer trying to obtain a “deal”, you will not (or should not) find one with a reputable QRS Dealer.

Ready to Get the QRS PNOmation3?

If you are interested in having a state-of-the art QRS PNOmation3 Player system installed into your piano, please contact us or give us a call at (682) 222-1092.